Horsing Around

Horsing Around

It seems that there is quite the furore going on regarding a certain company and their burgers. The big chaps have covered the story to death and Twitter is awash with puns and unhappy burger munchers. Then there’s the people who question whether this is actually a problem – I had horse last week a bit of ginger and soy. Trust me on this, it’s fine. But back to the burgers. Horse meat is surely the last of your worries when purchasing burgers in the supermarket…from the frozen section (or elsewhere for that matter). Tesco currently has an apology on it’s website, but hell Tesco, you should have an apology up their constantly for selling some of this shit in the first place…

Tillman’s Toast Me! 

These things actually exist. It’s a burger that you put in the toaster. Ready in minutes they claim, and it’s 100% beef. I’m pretty sure if it said 50% beef, that the people who eat this would probably eat this regardless. Best served with a pint of Relentless Energy.

Vending Machine Burgers
The White Castle Cheeseburger is the #1 selling sandwich in vending machines across the US. That means that you can buy a terrible terrible thing from a vending machine, eat it cold or take it home and nuke it in the microwave.

Cheeseburger in a Can
This could potentially be the most atrocious food ever purchasable. A can of burger. Some people would disagree I’m sure, but IMHO the person who invented this should be put away for a long time and fed only canned cheeseburgers. We’re not quite sure where or if you can buy this anymore but that shouldn’t stop you searching for it.

So my friends, here’s what your going to do, next time you get the urge to stick a rustlers in the microwave. Put some fresh ground beef in your basket and some fresh buns, take them home and make yourself a burger. If you are feeling the love for it, get some more things and do the following….

Place your ground beef, an egg, a dash of truffle oil (real truffle if you are feeling flush), salt, pepper and breadcrumbs in a bowl and mix it all up. Make some nice shaped burgers and wrap them in plastic. Leave them in the fridge for a few hours so the truffle can infuse

the meat. Heat a grill pan up so it’s nice and hot and place the burger on the pan. Place a slice of cheese on the burger and let it melt. Then sandwich between a toasted bun. Enjoy.


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